A World of Physics and a lot more


This is the start-up post of this new physics blog. I will talk about a lot of questions I care about, mostly current research open problems that need some tribune to be heard. But I will also discuss some other arguments that could be of interest to a larger audience.

Most of the questions on physics that pass to the media are about string theory, unification, quantum gravity and all other aspects of fundamental research that can hit the interest of common people. But one should consider that most of the breakthroughs that happened in science have come from unexpected directions.  And last but not least, there is generally an average time, that is not short, before an important finding becomes a recognized and acquired truth. This means that is important to make knowledge to flow as fastly as possible and blogs are an excellent way to achieve such a goal.

I am working mostly on QCD and for this particular field there are different alleys that are currently pursued and just now something is going to converge for experiments, lattice and theory and is worthwhile to let everybody know the work of these people that someday could impact in a more generally way to all the community. The reason to expect this relies on the fact that QCD is a theory eminently not perturbative and a lot of innovative views should be expected here.

Indeed, one of the most serious problems to face in physics is the treatment of problems where a large parameter enters that makes the problem non perturbative, that is, impossible to manage with perturbation theory. Till now, perturbation theory appears as the only serious approach to get analytical solutions to equations and needs a small parameter to work. Despite several important attempts as the renormalization group and a few of exact solutions, in the end of the day one has to rely on this venerable approach to extract physically meaningful results from equations.

This approach has become such a part of physics that a lot of prejudices invaded some fields where it applies. A clear example of this is quantum field theory. Quantum field theory works only through small perturbation theory and so, renormalization that was born with it is believed to be inherent to any quantum field theory independently on the method one use to treat it. But this latter point of view is to be proved!

So, let us begin. Happy blogging!

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