Thanks Telecom Italia!

Doing blogging implies one has a reliable internet connection. But thanks to these guys working at Telecom Italia I am without such a connection since a week now due to presumed improvements on my line. They did such an improvement that I now miss the service!

I will report on QCD 08 on monday. Sorry for the delay in my answers and further posting.


2 Responses to Thanks Telecom Italia!

  1. dorigo says:

    Marco, Telecom is a gang of crooks. Switch to some other provider. I stayed with them far too long before gathering the strength to do it. Now I am with fastweb and the connection has failed me just once -for an evening- in almost one year. With telecom it went for the whole weekend twice a month on average, and nobody could be found to answer my calls.


  2. mfrasca says:

    Hi Tommaso,

    The point was that I switched to Alice Home TV. This service was free for me being already at the top of ADSL connection. For my kids I asked for this service and indeed it made my sons happy. But the switching was not without pain and I have had the problem. In order to obtain a similar service by fastweb I have to spend more while with other providers surely I will get more problems. This is the reason why I have not changed yet.



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