The day after


It is not easy to find well-written pages about science in newspapers and generally the broadcasted information is rather questionable. Some years ago, going around in the web, I uncovered the science pages of the New York Times. These pages are well-written and filled with expert views when not the experts themselves write down the story. So, I have read the article about the day after the LHC circulating beam test (see here).  On the same ground, reading Peter Woit’s blog, I was pointed to an article on New York Times by Brian Greene (see here). What I have found in this latter article is a more balanced output by a strong supporter of string theory that is somewhat unexpected. What really hit me was the last sentence:

“Confirming an idea is always gratifying. But finding what you don’t expect opens new vistas on the nature of reality. And that’s what humans, including those of us who happen to be physicists, live for.”

This is aligned with my view that I hope that supersymmetry will not be seen. Rather something unexpected will come out from LHC making the rest of life of my generation of theoretical physiscits more entertaining. Of course, I think that here Greene is doing some kind of exorcism. But one should appreciate the fact that sigth is not too much cloudy by one’s own point of view.


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