I want to take to the attention of the readers of the blog the new born online journal of American Physical Society simply called Physics. The idea is smart and consists in selecting certain papers published on APS journals, the well-known Physical Review series, and present them in a way to let the content usable by any physicist with the intent to cross-seminate ideas. The articles are written by experts of the field but aimed to a broad audience and so easy to be understood by whoever is doing active research in any area of physics. Papers are selected by editors of the Physical Review journals both by referees’ reports and internal discussions.

Personally I consider this a very successful idea. When I read journals like Nature, before entering into the reading of the article I am interested to, I read the corresponding “News and Views” article  written by some well-known expert of the field that makes clear to everybody its content. So, I think that this journal by APS was long overdue.

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