Some delays at LHC


An incident happened at LHC while operations were in course to reach 5 TeV aim. You can read here and read Jester’s blog for other links and comments.

This will imply some delays in the initial optimistic schedule.

Update: The question is rather serious. News talk of about two months delay with respect to scheduled program. I have found another article about on New York Times.

Further update: CERN press release is here.




This post is just to let you know of a couple of reviews worthwhile to be read. These appeared in the latest number of Review of Modern Physics:

Dieter Drechsel and Thomas Walcher, Hadron structure at low Q^2, preprint and published

Estia Eichten, Stephen Godfrey, Hanna Mahlke, and Jonathan L. Rosner, Quarkonia and their transitions, preprint and published

This number of RMP contains other interesting reviews. You can find a table of content here.

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