Nature of f0(980)


As pointed out in my recent post (see here), f0(980) can be a glueball and an excited state of \sigma resonance. I have found some theoretical support for this. But it would be enough to have some support from experimental data just for this resonance being a glueball. Such an evidence exists. Firstly I would like to insert here a conclusion from the beautiful paper by Caprini, Colangelo and Leutwyler (see here and here)

“The physics of the σ is governed by
the dynamics of the Goldstone bosons: The properties of
the interaction among two pions are relevant… The properties of the resonance f0(980) are also governed by Goldstone
boson dynamics – two kaons in that case.”

This is just the scenario I depicted in my papers. But I was also able to find a very smart paper by Baru, Haidenbauer, Hanhart, Kalashnikova and Kydryavtsev (see here and here) where a proof is given that this resonance has not a quark structure. This is accomplished through an approach devised by Steven Weinberg that applies to unstable particles.

This is a strong support to our scenario that appears consistently built. In turn, this implies that a clear understanding of the very nature of light unflavored scalar mesons is at hand.

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