Osaka and Berlin merge their data!


Today in arxiv appeared a relevant paper by Osaka and Berlin groups (see here). This is a really important paper as these two groups merged their data for the lattice computation of the gluon and ghost propagators for SU(3) in the Coulomb gauge. As usual I give here a picture summing up their results about gluon propagator

osakaberlinAs you can see one has again the propagator reaching a finite, non-null value in the infrared limit. About the ghost propagator they obtain again a result very near to the case of a free particle. In this case the agreement was perfect for SU(2). For SU(3) there is a tiny disagreement.

I would like to emphasize a couple of points that should be discussed with these results at hand. There is a paper, published on Physical Review Letters, that was claiming that the gluon propagator in the Coulomb gauge should take the Gribov form going to zero at lower momenta. You can find this paper here and here. I think that authors should reconsider their computations as the disagreement with lattice is really serious. All the research lines aimed at a proof of confinement scenarios heavily relying on Gribov ideas seem to have reached a failure point. There could be a lot of reasons for this but it seems to me that, as lattice computations improve, we are left with the only option that the starting points of all these studies are to be reconsidered.

A second point to be made is the completely missing link between people working on the computation of propagators and those working on the spectrum of QCD. I think this is the moment to try to connet these two relevant areas as times are mature to try a consistency check between them. After the failure in view of some functional methods do we have to believe yet that Kaellen-Lehman formula does not apply in the infrared limit?

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