Quote of the day

Today let me quote Einstein:

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds

My dedication is for people working on string theory.

10 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Ervin Goldfain says:

    Dear Marco,

    I wish to express my outrage to the recent posting by Peter Woit which is a vicious attack on your views and your freedom of expression. NOBODY has the right to censor and control Wikipedia. It is designed to be an open-content database whose purpose is to
    a)define the standard framework of ideas,
    b)introduce novel research avenues and discuss their merits and limitations.

    One has to constantly keep in mind that the rich content of Yang-Mills theories is an active field of investigation. There are no rigid rules on what is right and wrong and the dynamics of this field is very much open. It is truly disheartening to see people in the academia pursuing such an arrogant and hostile behavior. What kind of an example do they set for their students?



  2. mfrasca says:

    Dear Ervin,

    Thank you. I do not care. Time will say.


  3. This article has been added to the Astronomy Link List.

  4. Daniel de França MTd2 says:

    Marco, I guess the best solution to this case is opening a new article. It would at least satisfy people that the section is not entangled with the main topic, but it is about a new devlopement. Besides, the information would not be lost. I think it is at least a win-win situation.

    I saved the version of your section in the talk page, so that you can open a new article, if you wish.

  5. mfrasca says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you very much for your effort and interest. The point here is that I have not put there that material but, even if I would have done that, I should not care about being all published work. License for bad or good physics is decided by somebody else not by lynching people.


  6. Kea says:

    Of course, Woit has now directed thousands of grasshoppers to your excellent blog!

  7. mfrasca says:


    Yes, that’s what happened. I was forced to introduce moderation, that I hate, in order to check for personal attacks.


  8. tomate says:

    Dear Marco, believe me I’m an extimator of your blog and as far as I can tell I think that you are making a good job posting your ideas here. This blog, the Arxiv, and peer-rewieved journals are the right place to discuss such ideas. Not wikipedia though, which has its own policies, like it or not, and you know them very well since you are sponsoring for Wiki. Woit, whose scientific merits are not at stake here, has pointed out that you have violated a couple of those polifies, in particular the “no original research” and the “conflict of interest” ones, without making a personal attack on you. Not so did you: this quote from Einstein is a subtle way to compare Woit to a “weak mind”. I think this is not fair and correct.

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