Festival of Mathematics 2009


In this month will be held at New York and Rome the Festival of Mathematics (Festival della Matematica) 2009.festivaldellamatematica0309 It is an opportunity to hear Nobelists and Fields medalists talking about physics and mathematics. In New York there will be Shelly Glashow, Benoit Mandelbrot and Brian Greene. In Rome there will be John Nash, Arno Penzias and Edward Witten. I will take my chance to hear Witten talking. The argument of his talk is “Geometry and Quanta”. Penzias and Nicola Cabibbo will talk about “Thinking with Mathematics”.

The festival  is organized each year by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, an italian mathematician, to give the opportunity for people to get acquainted with mathematics listening some of the most relevant thinkers working in this field. This is the third edition.

Last year I listened John Nash and Robert Aumann and it was the chance to let my son know such great personalities in the history of mathematics and economy.

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