Quote of the day

“The career of a young theoretical physicist consists of treating the harmonic oscillator in ever-increasing levels of abstraction.”

Sidney Coleman

Taken from David Tong’s page at Cambridge (see here).

4 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Kea says:

    Yes, so now we have to move beyond the categorification/decategorification version to something more abstract …

  2. Carl Brannen says:

    It’s true and it’s sad. Standard physics relies on linear approximations rather than non linearity; this is especially true in the foundations of elementary particles.

    Wish me and Kea luck, we’ve a paper under peer review at PRD. It gives a parameterization of 3×3 unitary matrices which is not based on the discrete Fourier transform instead of the usual product of 1-parameter groups (which amounts to a linearization of the problem of understanding the group).

  3. Kea says:

    Alas, the rejection email shows no sign of any referee reports. Apparently we never deserve constructive criticism – only outright rejection.

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