Problems at arxiv

Today I received the following message from arxiv at Cornell:

Access Denied

Sadly, you do not currently appear to have permission to access

If you believe this determination to be in error, see for additional information.

All the mirrors seem to work well.


5 Responses to Problems at arxiv

  1. Daniel de França MTd2 says:

    That happened to me a few times when I was an undergraduate and tried to reload, the main site at the time, too many times. I blocked the whole physics institute…

  2. myhbar says:

    That happened to me too! I sent them an email and they unblocked me immediately. I still haven’t figured out why that happened to me… Have you?

    • mfrasca says:

      Hi myhbar,

      No, I was not able to figure it out. This happened with my office account and also happened to another colleague of mine. In these days I cannot check it as I am in holiday. and from here it works fine


  3. Haelfix says:

    This happened to me on my home computer twice before. I think it has to do with trying to generate pdfs, and there’s some sort of bug where if you load it in a window instead of dling it directly, it has a chance to trigger the antitracker software.

    The ban lasts a week or somesuch, and you can freely use the mirrors, so I didn’t even bother sending an email.

    • mfrasca says:

      Hi Haelfix,

      Yes, I agree with you that this is a minor problem. Generally, I find the software at arxiv quite robust and this kind of answer cold have also been triggered by a misconfiguration at my side.


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