Water on the Moon!

NASA announced today that LCROSS has indeed found water on the moon and in a significant quantity. The announcement is here.


The view of the floor of Cabeus as seen through the LCROSS near-infrared camera. The fresh crater made by the Centaur impact is indicated. Credit: NASA

This is a wonderful result both for the achievement and the technique NASA used. The meaning for the future explorations in space is made brighter by this finding and the reason is that, having significant reserves of water on the moon, building a base for future missions in the solar system is made easier. So, in a situation where funding cuts are the most common actions governments accomplish, such a successful mission proves that smart people always find a way toward the aims. On the other side, we hope that, when economical difficulties in US will be overcome, NASA will be again properly funded to realize the most significant goals in space missions.


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