Great news from CERN

In a press release, CERN informed us that beams have returned to run in the LHC (see here).  These are great news as, from now, we know that they are back on track after the severe setback happened last year.So, great physics awaits us in the next years and I take this opportunity to wish this people the best of lucks for the years to come.

7 Responses to Great news from CERN

  1. jr says:

    just wondering if the LHC will bump into evidence of
    G2 symmetry – the exceptional Lie Group. After all it does contain the SU(3) being hauled around by protons and might be more plausible than black holes and all that.

    • mfrasca says:

      Dear jr,

      Presently I cannot be sure of anything about what LHC will find. I can only give you some educated guesses. I would expect to see Higgs particles popping out somewhere in their detectors. Surely, after a few time people will be running LHC, we will finally know how masses are generated in the Standard Model. It could happen that such Higgses are supersymmetric and this will be a double strike we are hoping for. For other possibilities I cannot say more. Surely, seeing a black hope evaporating around will earn a Nobel to Hawking and we will finally have a first direct evidence of quantum gravity.

      Just a matter of time, not much time. Be patient.


  2. jr says:

    I worry that supersymmetry is preventative medicine against divergences and whether that is a good reason for particles to exist. It is always fun when a theory predicts a particle for the wrong reasons.
    Einstein said that Nature is not unkind, but that was before quarks.

  3. jr says:

    About that Arrow of Time – just saw a remarkable statement in Ellis-Rothman arxiv 0912.0808:

    “the arrow of time arises simply because the future
    does not yet exist.”

  4. jr says:

    It seems that the mass mystery is tangled up with the generation mystery – but the latter seems more amenable to making some kind of sense as a pattern in algebra (not necessarily groups) and mass might make more sense in the proper context of why generations are required.

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