Rumors on Higgs at Tevatron

It is not my habit to put rumors about as my readers know, but the news is really sensational. Tommaso Dorigo in his blog told  that rumors are leaking about a light Higgs seen in one of the two collaborations at Tevatron. Tommaso is working there too.

Rumors say of a Higgs particle having a mass of 115 GeV, very near the limit identified at LEP and so a reason to regret for CERN. This will support the view of a supersymmetric particle. Supersymmetry, for consistency reasons, requires Higgs to be light. On the other side, we know that the Standard Model cannot hold with a superheavy Higgs particle. This implies that a similar identification at LHC should be near and this machine should work out supersymmetry in all its glory.

Finally, let me point out a similar post by the Czech guy.

Update: Fermilab denied rumors about Higgs finding at Tevatron (see here).


2 Responses to Rumors on Higgs at Tevatron

  1. Rafael says:

    Dear Marco,

    here I point you out some new (interesting) results from Lucini et al on glueball spectroscopy:


    • mfrasca says:

      Dear Rafael,

      Nice to hear from you again! I hope you are keeping on showing my theorems are corrects ;).

      This paper is somehow shocking. They give the masses of the glueballs multiplied by the lattice spacing. So, if you take the lowest (Tab. 17) 0.792 and divide by the string tension again normalized at the lattice spacing given on page 12 just before conclusions as 0.5851, the ratio is an astonishing 1.35 very near my 1.19! Finally they hit the right ground state of a pure Yang-Mills theory. Evidence is mounting I am right. Indeed, this seems in agreement with paper but cannot be said until they provide an estimation for the string tension in unit of the lattice spacing.

      Biagio Lucini, an Italian researcher, is a former collaborator of Mike Teper (see ). These people are doing groundbreaking research in this area and I am not at all surprised that they firstly hit the right results.



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