The Saga of Landau-Gauge Propagators


Also today arxiv reserves some interesting papers. But the one that mostly hit my attention is this one by Attilio Cucchieri and Tereza Mendes. Just the title, “The Saga of Landau-Gauge Propagators: Gathering New Ammo”, is a program and I would like to emphasize what is the new ammo:

We recently installed at IFSC–USP a new machine
with 18 CPUs Intel quadcore Xeon 2.40GHz (with InfiniBand
network and a total of 216 GB of memory)
and 8 NVIDIA Tesla S1070 boards (500 Series), each
with 960 cores and 16 GB of memory. The peak performance
of the 8 Tesla boards is estimated in about
2.8 Tflops in double precision and 33 Tflops in single

This makes appear my PC as a small toy for children! As my readers know, Attilio and Tereza have given fundamental contributions to our current understanding of propagators for Yang-Mills theory through lattice computations and personally I think that these works are already history. They rightly declare in this paper that

…and the existence of a
gluon mass is now firmly established.

and show as all the attempts made by people supporting the scaling solution to save it are doomed. In this paper they perform a 2d computation with a lattice having 2560^2 points showing that indeed in this case one observes the scaling solution. I have already explained here why this is bad news for supporters of the scaling solution from my approach. Indeed, this is further confirmation to the fact that the scaling solution is just an artifact of wrong approximations on the hierarchy of the Dyson-Schwinger equations.

The reason why Attilio and Tereza are forced to use such wartime jargon is due to the fact that people supporting the scaling solution did not surrender yet and keep on looking for further justifications to an even stronger evidence that this solution is not seen on lattice computations in 3 and 4 dimensions. But they are just grasping at straws.

My results completely confirm the findings of Attilio and Tereza and other people in this research line that were able to uncover the so called “decoupling solution” or, more correctly, the solution displaying a massive gluon. Besides, there is a general convergence on the way the scenario is. I hope that this new ammo from Attilio and Tereza will just be useful to move on from the present stalled situation to learn more and more on the behavior of Yang-Mills theory.

Attilio Cucchieri, & Tereza Mendes (2011). The Saga of Landau-Gauge Propagators: Gathering New Ammo arxiv arXiv: 1101.4779v1

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