A sad news

It is with deep sadness  that I give the news that the President of Institute of Physics, Professor Marshall Stoneham (see here), is dead yesterday. The immediate past President Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will continue to act as President of the Institute.

I am presently involved as a member of the Institute, chartered physicist since 2002 and participate at the Institute activities for career assessment.


3 Responses to A sad news

  1. Stephen Shires says:

    Truly disappointing news as I don’t think that Marshall even had a chance to address the Institute before his hospitalization. Does anybody know what he died of?

  2. Nicky Thomas says:

    Marshall (my father) was in very good health until a few weeks ago. He had major surgery in January to remove part of his stomach, part of his pancreas and a large mass/cyst. He was making a good recovery from such a major operation, and planning his return home from hospital when he fell and banged his head. He died from a massive bleed in his brain.
    It was so unexpected and, for me, apart from losing a wonderful father, one of the saddest aspects is the extent of his unfinished work – he was still very actively involved in so many projects and following up new ideas and interests. I am sure though that his memory will live on in the work of the many people he helped in their careers

    • mfrasca says:

      Dear Nicky,

      Thank you a lot for your comment about your father. This story makes me feel really bad. But remember that the work of very good scientists is never forgotten and what your father has done will live forever.

      From my humble side, I will help IOP to keep high their standards as this was also the aim of your father.

      Best wishes,


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