Sidney Coleman’s QFT lectures


This post is just to point out to my readers that the lectures of Sidney Coleman on QFT are now available in TeX and pdf format. I have taken this information from Lubos’ site. The link for the full pdf is this. For this excellent work the person to be grateful is Bryan Chen a former Lubos’ student. These lectures give an idea of the greatness of Coleman also as a teacher.

For the readers of my blog pursuing active research in my same areas a relevant paper by him is there are no classical glueballs. Coleman’s conclusion goes like

…there are no finite-energy non-singular solutions of classical Yang-Mills theory in four-dimensional Minkowski space that do not radiate energy out to spatial infinity…

and this agrees quite well with my exact solutions that do not seem to have finite energy (see here) and so, Coleman’s theorem is evaded. Indeed, if you want to have a field to generate a mass, you will need either a finite volume or a running coupling.

Coleman, S. (1977). There are no classical glueballs Communications in Mathematical Physics, 55 (2), 113-116 DOI: 10.1007/BF01626513

Marco Frasca (2009). Exact solutions of classical scalar field equations arxiv arXiv: 0907.4053v2


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