In memoriam of Federico Casagrande

I had the chance to meet Federico in a series of conferences organized by Rodolfo Bonifacio of University of Milan at Gargnano on Garda Lake. The last time I met him was on September 2003 at this conference.

Federico is the one on the left.

Federico was an associate professor at University of Milan, an expert in quantum optics, and it was a real pleasure to have the chance to share some time with him. Federico was a nice and competent person and we have had several discussions with a good beer there in Gargnano. When conference gave a break, with Federico and a colleague of INFN we took his car and went to  the highest point around the lake to see a breathtaking landscape. That day we had a lot of interesting discussions that signed the start of a friendship that lasted until he let me know he was ill and was retiring.

Federico was instrumental in my work helping me to recover material otherwise unreachable. We have had a constant exchange of emails in these years and was my pleasure to make him compliments for his preferred team, Internazionale (Inter), that was winning all. Now I am getting emotional for this bad news. He left us on May for a very bad illness and I should say that I feel that someone important in my life is missing.

He will be remembered for his work, the kindness and the competence. He is survived by his wife.


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