News on the Higgs

The end of this year is approaching, LHC gathered data at higher luminosity but it is since the end of August that no news is around about the status of the search of the Higgs particle. Of course, a frenzy of activity is going around at CERN and finally, something seems to move. On Monday a new conference will begin in Paris (see here). No relevant novelties are expected with respect to this talk but DG of CERN asked for updates in the mid of December (see here for other information). Besides, rumors are spreading around blogosphere that a group at CERN asked at the conference organizers a further slot to give an announcement. All this is giving the flavor that, for the end of this year, some relevant news about Higgs will come out. It could be possibly a matter of days.

I would like to resume here the situation. Latest measurements seem to exclude a standard model Higgs for almost all the range from the LEP limit of 114 GeV to near 600 GeV. At about 600 GeV ATLAS is seeing an excess. Similarly, it is possible that Higgs particle is hiding at around 140 GeV but all the excesses seen so far are no more high than 2\sigma so that, a no Higgs scenario is gaining support. Tevatron appears to confirm this situation. The excess at 600 GeV, if confirmed, will imply a relevant re-analysis of the standard model as, in this case, we will enter into the realm of a strongly coupled quantum field theory. I provided mathematics for this (see here and here) but it is not widely accepted by the scientific community and, in general, other methods to work with this case are not known and most of our understanding relies on lattice computations. A heavy Higgs has also been forecast by Paolo Cea and Leonardo Cosmai (see here and here) having approximately the mass near the ATLAS excess. This would make the situation quite dramatic but really exciting and will provide a strong evidence for the existence of supersymmetry. Besides, in this case, a whole spectrum of excited states of this heavy and strongly coupled Higgs will also be observed.

In view of this near approaching dates, we wish the best of luck to people at CERN and thank them for their excellent work.

Marco Frasca (2010). Mass generation and supersymmetry arXiv arXiv: 1007.5275v2

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3 Responses to News on the Higgs

  1. ohwilleke says:

    The announcement is going to be about LHCb’s findings about D meson decay CP violation based on its observations of D=>kaon-kaon v. D=>pion-pion decays which is about a hundred times greater than predicted by the SM. Resonaances and others have the details.

    So, more Higgs news will have to wait.

    • mfrasca says:

      Yes, this was already leaked out elsewhere by Jester. Who does not know should read here. About Higgs, I have given a link into my post showing the current situation and conference in Paris should not improve too much on it. On the other side, there are some announced talks in the Wednesday schedule, also by Tevatron, that appear really promising. Thanks for pointing out this.

  2. Alejandro Rivero says:

    The more the plot evolves, the more I am into some technicolored trick, preferably with a susy twist.

    Also this week, I have one reason more to suspect that the fermions do not need the Higgs: they seem to use a mass scale of 313 GeV, and that is QCD. This was a rare coincidence for the leptons under Koide sum rule, but now it also has surfaced in the quark sector; We have nailed most of them with this single sum rule; If you don’t come about the fringest forums you could have missed it, I have put here the show at

    If it is QCD, it is reasonable that it works with the naive masses without renormalisation running. And it should involve the spontaneus breaking of chiral symmetry, as it gets the scale just there at 300 GeV. So perhaps some of your techniques could fit there too, instead of using them at EWSB scale.

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