Ereditato resigns

Antonio Ereditato resigns as OPERA spokeperson following the failure of the supeluminal neutrino affair. He will be part of history but through a harsh lesson we all learned. He remembers me another character of history of physics in a similar situation, Prosper-René Blondlot and N ray affair. So, science is a self-correcting process but some of the bad consequences could be easily avoided. It is indeed difficult in our epoch to hide information as we have a lot more media and channels where this can escape. But prudence is always the best choice. Waiting some other weeks before calling media would have saved Ereditato’s head.


One Response to Ereditato resigns

  1. Pavol Valent says:

    Antonio Ereditato´s resignation is surely premature.
    There are many physicists, who believe that his sacrifice is only commencement of the new era of physics. The velocity of neutrinos probably is not superluminal.
    But it does not mean, that the Einstein’s Special Relativity, particularly one of its postulate, which claims that the speed of light is a universal constant, is relevant.

    The ICARUS, despite of using the same technique and the same equipments as OPERA, probably did not use the same GPS constellation in the clocks synchronization known as “Common view method”. While in the OPERA experiments the single satellite was flying parallel to the CERN-Gran Sasso line and in the direction from CERN toward Gran Sasso,
    the result of the ICARUS experiment was probably caused by another possible constellation, by which the GPS synchronization single satellite could move to the line perpendicularly. If so, then the different OPERA versus ICARUS results can be explained.

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