Enrico Fermi’s birthday

Enrico Fermi in Italy (1949) (Marco Frasca memorabilia)

Today is Enrico Fermi‘s birthday. Fermi has been a real Prometheus moving mankind to the age of nuclear energy for civil aims. His contributions to our current understanding of physics are enormous and we know him as one of the greatest Italian scientists making an extraordinary pair with Galileo Galilei. The prominence of Italians on physics is mostly due to him and one of his  collaborators, Edoardo Amaldi, that during the dark age of the second world war decided to remain in Italy to rebuild the school Fermi founded. His papers have always been one of my preferred readings. I hope he will be always an example for future generations.

Enrico Fermi’s autograph (Marco Frasca memorabilia)

2 Responses to Enrico Fermi’s birthday

  1. elkement says:

    I have read several times that Fermi is considered the last physicist in history who excelled both in theoretical and in experimental physics. Would you agree to that?

    • mfrasca says:

      Dear elkement,

      Yes, I do. Today it is very difficult to find another physicist able to combine such abilities. Fermi also mastered almost all physics known at that time. From a theoretical standpoint, only Lev Landau can be compared.


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