Soverato beach


It is some days that I am not posting here but there is a very good reason: I am on vacation at Satriano, very near Soverato. These are wonderful places in Italy, in the southern region of Calabria. For your pleasure I post here a couple of photos of the moon on the sea at the Soverato beach. Similar pictures but somewhat different colors.

A very good justification


There is a plain explanation for my silence so far. The reason is that I am on my holidays yet and there is plenty of beautiful places that I want to share with you here. I am currently in Satriano, a beautiful town near Soverato where I go to the sea (just 7 km away) in the wonderful region of Calabria. Here is Satriano:


As you can see I am sharing the beauty of sea with that of mountains. Indeed,  Soverato is here somewhere hidden by mountains and the Ionian sea is just there in the distance:


A beautiful valley is passed through by the Ancinale river very near Satriano:


The town that you see on the right on the top of a mountain is Gagliato. Finally, I give you a last photo taken at the Mongiana Park inside a fairytale forest:


I have not forgotten Higgs boson but surely these breathtaking views can make one derails!

Back to Soverato


Next three days I will not be able to manage my blog. I take a holiday. Please, look below to understand why I am unplugging myself.


Have a nice week-end!

Happy Xmas!


It will be difficult for me to post in the next few days and so here are my warm greetings for these Season’s Holidays to everybody.


Soverato again


I am starting my vacations. This will last for about three weeks and so lower throughput should be expected in the next days.

I will keep on following web activity but I do not expect to see Higgs discover in these next days. Anyhow I will do a lot of work on Yang-Mills and more generally QCD and I hope to give some interesting news here on the blog.



Next two days I will be in Soverato at the coasts of the Ionian sea

So, please, don’t ask me to post.

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