The man passed away, the legend will always survive


Neil Armstrong passed away yesterday (see here and here). He was the first man to put his feet on the Moon. He started all my dreams when I was just nine and that July’s night I was staring at his extraordinary enterprise together with Buzz Aldrin (see here) and Michael Collins on the Apollo 11. Now, I am moved to tears by this but my dreams are still there and his legend will always survive. Thank you very much, Neil!

NASA shows leftovers of missions on the moon


There has always been a lot to laugh about skepticism on lunar missions. Today, I apprehend from an article in the New York Times (see here) that NASA released a set of photos from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) clearly showing leftovers from Apollo missions. They released photos for missions 11 and 14 to 17 (Apollo 13 never landed for an explosion on board and photos on Apollo 12 will be released in the near future). I show here the photo on Apollo 14 taken from New York Times clearly showing the lunar module and its shadow and the most used path by astronauts.nasa_600 I can still remember that night with my father waiting for the landing of the lunar module and Neil Armstrong making his first step on the moon. Most of the choices I have done after in my professional life are due to that exciting night.

Thank you very much, folks!

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