Soverato beach


It is some days that I am not posting here but there is a very good reason: I am on vacation at Satriano, very near Soverato. These are wonderful places in Italy, in the southern region of Calabria. For your pleasure I post here a couple of photos of the moon on the sea at the Soverato beach. Similar pictures but somewhat different colors.


A very good justification


There is a plain explanation for my silence so far. The reason is that I am on my holidays yet and there is plenty of beautiful places that I want to share with you here. I am currently in Satriano, a beautiful town near Soverato where I go to the sea (just 7 km away) in the wonderful region of Calabria. Here is Satriano:


As you can see I am sharing the beauty of sea with that of mountains. Indeed,  Soverato is here somewhere hidden by mountains and the Ionian sea is just there in the distance:


A beautiful valley is passed through by the Ancinale river very near Satriano:


The town that you see on the right on the top of a mountain is Gagliato. Finally, I give you a last photo taken at the Mongiana Park inside a fairytale forest:


I have not forgotten Higgs boson but surely these breathtaking views can make one derails!

Back to Soverato


Next three days I will not be able to manage my blog. I take a holiday. Please, look below to understand why I am unplugging myself.


Have a nice week-end!

A stunning summer


It is customary for me, during my holidays, to read some technical books that I bear with me at Satriano, a small town very near Soverato. This summer I have read the book of Stephan Narison on QCD as QCD is currently my work and this is a really beautiful book. But I have written papers on almost all fields of physics and in the summer of 2005 I was struggling with general relativity. That year I took with me a wonderful book by James Hartle: “Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein’s General Relativity” . This book has been a source of inspiration for my work. Indeed, in a few days I was trying to apply my well developed approach for strong perturbations to Schwarzschild solution. This was a blind alley as I was manipulating an exact solution that has no much to say for perturbation techniques. As I looked at the problem more in depth, I was able to make this application to general relativity in a paper published on International Journal of Modern Physics D (see here for a preprint). I have to thank the editor Jorge Pullin for appreciating my work. I met him in Piombino at DICE 2006 Conference where he gave a very nice talk.

This paper has been a fundamental starting point for all my succesive work for two main reasons: Firstly, I have understood that to solve strongly perturbed partial differential equations one has to recur to a gradient expansion and secondly, this paper gives a sensible proof of the Belinski-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz (BKL) conjecture that permits to understand why near a singularity the space-time is homogeneous. Vladimir Belinski has been a professor of mine at University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1992. He taught me general relativity with the more exotic solutions: BKL and gravisolitons. He is also well-known for having written down parts of Landau-Lifshitz book about this matter. I remember a nice talk with him in those days about BKL and for this reason I acknowledged him in my paper. Indeed, after speaking with him I should have been able to catch immediately the answer but times were not so mature and I have had to do a lot of work and thinking before to arrive at this successful point.

After understanding how to do strong perturbation theory to partial differential equations, my  next step was to find a way to generalize it to quantum field theory. In a few days I was able to do it and this became a paper for Physical Review D (see here for a preprint). In this paper I improve on the Bender’s approach (see here) obtaining the propagator and the spectrum for a massless scalar theory showing that in the infrared this theory acquires a mass gap. A real successful improvement!

After that stunning summer, I have been able to extend all this to Yang-Mills and QCD but we are talking about today…

Soverato again


I am starting my vacations. This will last for about three weeks and so lower throughput should be expected in the next days.

I will keep on following web activity but I do not expect to see Higgs discover in these next days. Anyhow I will do a lot of work on Yang-Mills and more generally QCD and I hope to give some interesting news here on the blog.



Next two days I will be in Soverato at the coasts of the Ionian sea

So, please, don’t ask me to post.

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