NASA and warp drive: An update There is some excitement in the net about some news of Harold White’s experiment at NASA. I have uncovered it by chance at a forum. This is a well-frequented site with people at NASA posting on it and regularly updating about the work that they are carrying out. You can also have noticed some activity in the Wikipedia’s pages about it (see here at the section on EmDrive and here). Wikipedia’s section on EmDrive explains in a few lines what is going on. Running a laser inside the RF cavity of the device they observed an unusual effect. They do not know yet if this could be better explained by more mundane reasons like air heating inside the cavity itself. They will repeat the measurements in a vacuum chamber to exclude such a possibility. I present here some of the slides used by White to recount about this NASA White ExperimentNASA White experimentNASA White experimentThis is the current take by Dr. White as reported by one of his colleagues too prone to leak on nasaspaceflight forum:

 …to be more careful in declaring we’ve observed the first lab based space-time warp signal and rather say we have observed another non-negative results in regards to the current still in-air WFI tests, even though they are the best signals we’ve seen to date. It appears that whenever we talk about warp-drives in our work in a positive way, the general populace and the press reads way too much into our technical disclosures and progress.

I would like to remember that White is not using exotic matter at all. Rather, he is working with strong RF fields to try to develop a warp bubble. This was stated here even if implicitly. Finally, an EmDrive device has been properly described here. Using strong external fields to modify locally a space-time has been described here. If this will be confirmed in the next few months, it will represent a major breakthrough in experimental general relativity since Eddington  confirmed the bending of light near the sun. Applications would follow if this idea will appear scalable but it will be a shocking result anyway. We look forward to hear from White very soon.

Marco Frasca (2005). Strong coupling expansion for general relativity Int.J.Mod.Phys.D15:1373-1386,2006 arXiv: hep-th/0508246v3


8 Responses to NASA and warp drive: An update

  1. Daniel de França says:

    That could be graviton wave emission and not a warp field.

    • mfrasca says:

      Hi Daniel,

      As for today, there is not a satisfying quantum theory for gravitation and this effect is far from being confirmed yet. So, your claim is rather bold.


      • Daniel de França says:

        I don’t think it is bold. Photons are emitted by surfaces, gravitation or gravitational waves, are completely invisible to their surroundings (only virtual gravitons, which forms gravitational pits, just like virtual photons), so that their generation grows with the volume, or mass, of the emitter.

        So, while G small, somehow mass/volume compensates.

        • mfrasca says:

          Is it a theory of yours?

        • Daniel de França says:

          Yeah, but if not a experimental error, what else would be? I think this is the simplest explanation. If you wan to generate gravitational wave, you only have to make an object vibrate in with non null quadrupole momentum. This is what I think it is happening with these objects, which are mostly non uniform in their mass distributions.

          This is not quantum gravity. It’s like saying a directional antenna needs quantume mechanics to describe its physics.

  2. mfrasca says:

    I cannot help here. You should publish it.

    Good luck.

  3. phxmarker says:

    The unified physics of Rauscher-Haramein is capable of explaining the theoretical principles behind this type of drive and others.

  4. […] Komende tijd maar even afwachten of het allemaal loos alarm is of dat er daadwerkelijk vorderingen op dit terrein te melden zijn. Hieronder tenslotte nog een video van december 2014, waarin White spreekt over z’n experimenten met de warp drives. Bron: The Gauge Connection. […]

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