LHC will start at 3.5 TeV

A communication to press was released by CERN about the start-up of the collider after repairs. You can find it here. LHC lhcwill start at half of the promised beam energy on November this year and this only after all the tests on the connections will be ended with success. I have read a recent article on the New York Times here and my personal view is that all will be up and running on the promised time. Meantime, we can only wish the best of lucks at people working on LHC.


2 Responses to LHC will start at 3.5 TeV

  1. Ervin Goldfain says:

    Hi Marco,

    In your opinion, what are the chances of discovering signals for either SUSY or Higgs physics at 3.5 TeV?



  2. mfrasca says:

    Hi Ervin,

    Let us wait and see.



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